Astaxanthin Dosage For Maximum Health Benefits

The correct astaxanthin dosage is key to enjoying its many health benefits. These include: strong free radical scavenging abilities, stronger vision, Alzheimer’s prevention and many more.

Astaxanthin is not an essential nutrient and therefore there is no Recommended Daily Allowance. Since there is a lot of information regarding the optimal astaxanthin dosage, this article will attempt to clarify the information so that you can enjoy the full benefits of this antioxidant.

The astaxanthin dosage that you take may depend on various factors such as your age, the condition of your health, your level of physical activity and other supplements that you may be taking, among other factors. Until now, there is no agreement among health professionals and scientists about the maximum amount of astaxanthin that should be taken.

Some studies have been conducted on dosages ranging from as low as 1.8 mg per day to as high as 100mg per day, with no reports of toxicity. However, that does not mean you should take dosages this high. The majority studies have been conducted on dosages between 4mg and 12mg per day.

List of Manufacturers’ Recommended Astaxanthin Dosage

Below is a random list of popular brands and their dosage recommendations. This list does not represent all manufacturers out there, but provides some insight into the dosage recommendations that seem to be popular.

• Nutrex Bioastin® – 12 mg per day

Astavita Astareal® – 8 mg daily

• Dr’s Best, Best Astaxanthin ®–  6 mg per day

• Jarrow Formulas® – 4 mg per day.

• Zanthin®  – 4mg per day

• Futurebiotics® – 4 mg per day

• Swanson Ultra High Potency Astaxanthin® – 4 mg per day

• Now Foods 4mg bottle – 4 mg per day

• Solgar® – 4 mg per day

• Source Naturals® – 2 mg per day

From this list, it is clear that many maufacturers recommend between 2mg and 12 mg per day.

If you are taking it for therapeutic purposes to address specific health issues, then higher doses may be recommended by your healthcare practitioner. Of course, you should always consult with your qualified health care practitioner before using any supplement, especially if you have specific health conditions.

Which Astaxanthin Dosage Is Right For You?

Since there is variation in the recommended astaxanthin dosage, you should start off with the minimal recommended dosage recommended by your particular brand.

Listen To Your Body

Give your body time to adjust and see how you feel. Do you feel more energetic? Does astaxanthin give you a sense of well-being? Is your vision any stronger? Have your workouts improved since taking the supplement? These are just some of the questions that you need to ask your self after supplementing for a while.

Your decision to continue with the astaxanthin dosage you are taking, to increase or decrease it should depend on what your body tells you. After all, the best indicator of your health is your own body. Listen to what it tells you. Your body has wonderful built-in mechanisms for signaling you when something is right or when it is not. And as always, contact your qualified healthcare practitioner who can give you the best advice.


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